Saturday, May 10, 2014

Top Names in BC Boxing 1939 to 2012

Boxing BC: by Brian Zelley
The names are from one of our ranker sites
* the time period starts from 1939

The first  25in no particular order of best or greatest, just the order that they appear
Tony Duffy, Mickey Griffin, Gordie Lawson,
Lindy Lindmoser, George Shiels, Harold Mann
Willy Curry, Freddy Fuller, Alan Brown,
Dave Wylie, Jamie Ollenberger, Clark
MacLellan, Kit Munro, George Nepper, 
Dan Wright, Fred Fuller, Geronimo Bie,
Skimp Williams, Mickey Sims, Brian Zelley,
Capi Damani, Dale Anderson, Marg O'Reilly,
Jim Howie, and Harry Pollitt.
A brief look at some of the names from BC boxing history
Profiled: George Shiels, Dave Wylie, Gordie Lawson, 
Clark MacLellan, Alan Brown, Freddy Fuller, Jamie Ollenberger,
Mickey Griffin, and Tony Duffy

More Names
*Chester Douglas, Gary Wood, Winnie Schelt 
Frankie Scott, Ken MacDonald, Jack Snaith, 
Dale Walters, Bob Mercer, Jim Gallagher, 
Jimmy McMillan, Laurie Mann, Scott Galloway, 
Billy Hardie, Derrick Hoyt, Graham MacIntosh,
Billy Townsend, Bob Pegues, Bill Walker, Bob Perry, 
Don Orr, Keith Hunter, Roman Grimard, 

Special thanks to the person who took some of the names and photos
and added the music for the You tube presentatio

The names consist of 71 names in no set order.

Some of the others in the BCABHOF:

Ron Whalley, builder

FreddyvFuller, Eddie Haddad
Frank Scott, Dale Walters,
Dick Findlay and Fred Desrosiers

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