Monday, December 13, 2010 - Inner City Boxing Club brings home gold and silver from senior nationals

THE BOB PEGUES STORY:  by brian zelley

(Bob and boxer Jag)
2010 - Inner City Boxing Club brings home gold and silver from senior nationals


With two boxers by the names of KENNY LALLY and JAG SEEHRA,
boxing coach BOB PEGUES has shined as a coach for several years.

As we look through the passages of time  we drift back to 1968 in 
Nanaimo. The Newcastle Boxing Club founded by GEORGE NEPPER
was in the final  season before it was closed.  A new club
would not be  formed until 1971, but in the summer of 1969,
a young Bob Pegues  expressed an interest for a new club, 
but due to a variety of circumstances a new club was not formed until 1971.

Bob would become one of the early members of the Nanaimo Boxing Club.

GEORGE NEPPER,  Founder of the Newcastle Boxing club, 
 with boxers Lewis, Lewis, Zelley and Windecker. (1963 - 1968).

                        BOB PEGUES - The Boxer - The seventies

                                NANAIMO BOXING CLUB FOUNDERS
                                Wright - Zelley - 39 years later.

As the Seventies faded, many of those that were involved in amateur
boxing during the Sixties and Seventies would also fade away and
be forgotten  But, as time shed new light, the Nanaimo boxer 
BOB PEGUES would rise again as a  boxing coach and travel down
the road to excellencein Prince George and beyond British Columbia 
to be a team coach in National or International competition. Once 
again boxer KENNY LALLY has earned a National title and will be
thrust into Internationl competition with one eye, heart and soul 
focused on a spot on the Canadian Olympic Boxing Team for a date
with destiny in the 2012 LONDON OLYMPIC GAMES BOXING .

Another important part of the Pegues story is the story of  
JAG SEEHRA and how he overcame difficulties with his vision
to rise to a new high level of performance in 2010.  Part of Jag's 
new level of attitude and achievement was displayed on
Vancouver Island in April at the  2010 BC GOLDEN GLOVES
hosted by the CAPITAL CITY BOXING CLUB.  For the  recent 
National tournament, there could be no expectations, but Jag
excelled and punched his way into the finals to win Silver  and 
a fresh new outlook and potential  along the winding boxing highway.

THE NEXT ROUND - For Bob, Kenny and Jag - there should be 
many next rounds, but there can be no predictions only hope, wishes,
dreams, attitude, action, and achievements with the best possible
ring skills and strategy.   For the rest of us, it is nice to be able to
follow the journey of each of them. 

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