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JEAN PASCAL takes on Father Time

JEAN PASCAL - Amateur Champion
JEAN PASCAL - Pro Champion
Life in the fast lane just where Pascal expected to be

 - A slice of the Wikipedia story -

The JEAN PASCAL Story:  by brian zelley
Long before Pascal was an amateur or professional, he had a story part of which is his arrival in Canada
as a pre-teen, and when he reached his teens like many others he turned to amateur boxing and began training with SYLVAIN GAGNON.  Back then, who could have guessed what his boxing journey
would reveal.  Over time, he would become a Canadian amateur boxing champion and be one of the members of Team Canada Boxing to participate in the Commonwealth Games in Manchester, England.


JEAN PASCAL was one of a number of Canadian amateur boxers that did well.
Others were Sebastien Gauthier, Andrew Kooner, Benoit Gaudet,
Michael Walchuk, Jason Douglas, and David Cadieux.

Other Canadian Champions 2001 and 2002 included B. Latham,
A. Decaire, R. Romero, R Savage and Donnie Orr.

(BBC - coverage of the 2002 Commonwealth Games - Manchester, England)


Based on the BoxRec record book, some of early pro bouts from  2005 were in Montreal.
One of the bouts with MARTIN DESJARDINS was for the Canadian Super Middleweight
Title.  His first loss came at the hands of CARL FROCH in England.

(A BBC report)

Behind every champion lies a worthy contender, a NATHAN CLEVERLY bout would be a natural if PASCAL can eliminate the old warrior BERNARD HOPKINS.  - time will tell.

                                       JEAN PASCAL - THE CHAMPION

                    NATHAN CLEVERLY - The Welsh Warrior

                          JEAN PASCAL vs BERNARD HOPKINS

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