Wednesday, April 16, 2014

BC Amateur boxing 1970 to 1974

A Parade  of Names in British Columbia by Brian Zelley

In the May 1984, while editor of the "BC Amateur Boxing News",
part of the news devoted to flashbacks included a list of 111 boxers
that  participated   during those five years 1970 to 1974.

Some were just starting out and others were closing in on the end run.;
Some that would coach and/or officiate in subsequent time periods
Included some of the following:

George Angelomatis, Joe Cooke, Mickey Griffin,

Derrick Hoyt, Gordie Lawson, Sid McKnight,
Mike O'Reilly, Darryl Olsen, Don Orr, Frankie Scott,
Jack Snaith, Jim Stevenson, Dale Walters, Ed Williams, 
Dan Wright, Dave Wylie, and Brian Zelley.

LOOKING AT all of the names  some that were active as boxers in
The next decade one national and international star was
Dale  Walters who topped his amateur journey off with
an Olympic  medal in 1984 LA Olympic.

Some of the other names that I remember include:   Neil Austin,
Derrick Austin, Gary Bridal, Lou Cooke, Chester Douglas, Freddie Fuller,
Bill Gariepy, Roman Grimard, John Gamble, Les Hamilton, Chris Ius,
Brian Jones, Darren Lussier, Jack Meda, Jamie Ollenberger,
Gary Robinson, Laurie Rorick, Steve Tohill and many more,

                                            Bob Pegues - Joe Cooke - Les Hamilton

                                                       1973  action  in Nanaimo
                                                  Brian Zelley  vs Clark MacLellan

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