Sunday, April 13, 2014

Boxing's Fantastic Fifties

The 1950's Boxing History: by Brian Zelley

* The   fifties began with the featherweight title
victory by Willie Pep  over Charley Riley and 
followed up by Joey Maxim  over Freddy Mills
in Ight-heavyweight title bout.

The fantastic fifties in boxing ended in December 1959
with a Joe Brown  victory over Dave Charnley  and a
Gene Fullmer win over SpiderWebb.

Between the January 1950 action and the 
December 1959 events, there were numerous
title bouts, champions and golden moments in
the fifties with the likes of Sugar Ray Robinson,
Archie Moore, and many boxers to challenge for
a title from those such as Billy Graham. Art Aragon and
Bobby Dykes to Ricardo Marino, Yvon Durelle and
Kenny Lane.  

Heavyweight champion Rocky Marciano  would make
the history books by retiring undefeated and champion
after his 1955 victory over Archie Moore. Marciano
won the title in September 1952 with a 13 round KO
over champion Jersey Joe Walcott. Floyd Patterson 
would defeat Archie Moore to win the vacant title.

Archie Moore was the light heavyweight champion
when he faced Marciano and Patterson.  One of his
 title fights that would become one of the all-time
classics which took place in December 1958 in
Montreal, Canada against the tough Yvon Durelle.
A rematch with Durelle took place in 1959 but fell 
short of being a classic with an early victory by

Sugar Ray Robinson started the fifties as the
welterweight champion. His last welterweight 
title fight took place in August 1950 with a
decision over the popular golden boy of 
New Jersey, Charlie Fusari and the bout took
place in Jetsey City.  In 1951, Robinson would win 
the middleweight title in 13 rounds over the
one they called "the raging bull", Jake LaMotta.

Boxer Kid Gavilan would end up with the vacant
 complete welterweight title after a victory over
Johnny Bratton  who had earned partial recognition 
with a decision over Charlie Fusari.

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