Thursday, April 10, 2014

It happened in April

April Ring Action: By Brian Zelley

One of the title fights that I remember watching took place in April 1966 in a middleweight title fight that saw welterweight champion Emile Griffith win the middleweight title with a crafty performance over Dick Tiger.  Emile's last welterweight title fight was a victory over Manuel Gonzalez  who had earned a decision over Emile ina non-tile bout.

But, over the years there were other great
 title fightsin the month of Apri. It was
 April 1.1954 when Bobo Olson won a 15 round decision over Kid Gavilan, and April 1955
 when Tony DeMarco stopped Johnny Saxton.
 Fast forward to 1958 and we have the
featherweight champion Hogan Kid Bassey
 stop Ricardo Moreno in Los Angeles.

In the sizling sixties there were a numbe
 of good title fights in the rainy month of
 April.  In 1960, it was Gene Fullmer over 
Joey Giardello, and  Pone Kingpetch  over
Pascual Perez.  In 1961, Paul Pender
would win over Terry Downes And, an
 historical moment was when Carlos Ortiz
won the lightweighttitle from Joe Brown.
But, in April 1965 Ortizwould lose the title 
to Ismael Laguna.

It was April 1969 and a new star for
 the seventies was Jose Napoles  when he
 won the welterweighttitle from Curtis Cokes.
 And, fast forward to April 1985, when
Marvin Hagler won over Thomas Hearns.

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