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Jimmy Young - Uncrowned Champion

The Journey of Jimmy Youmg

Jimmy Young - Boxer

Uncrowned Champion Jimmy Young:  by  Brian Zelley

It was April  1976, and boxer Jimmy Young fought
heavyweight champion Muhammad Ali in what would
result in a controversial ending with Ali winning the
decision but many believed Jimmy Young was the
Clear winner and new heavyweight champion.

Looking at the first two rounds of that title fight
Set the stage for a bout that would go the distance.
There should be no dispute that Young easily won
those first two rounds with a steady release of punches
while the Ali of 1976 showed none of the Speed and
Movement of a 1966.

Leading up to the title bout, Young defeated
Jose Roman, Al Jones and Ron Lyle.

Two key wins after the Ali fighter were wins over
Ron Lyle and former champ George Foreman.
However, he lost a split decision to Ken Norton.
Many believed Jimmy also won the Norton which 
would have given Jimmy a piece of title.

Jimmy Young, the Lost Warrior

Sadly Jimmy would die young in his mid fifties from health issues.
Boxing writer Jim Amato did a piece that was published by Saddo boxing
at http://www.saddoboxing.com/843-jimmy-young-remembered.html

* Concerning the Amato, we both believe Jimmy
did win against Norton, but we disagree on the Ali fight.
Jim discounts Young's possible victory due to him
putting his head through the ropes which, considering
some of the stuff  Ali gets  and got away with seems 
like a flimsy excuse to pump up Ali.  Take the rounds
one by one and the proper result is there in the detail
of each round.


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