Friday, April 25, 2014

Canadian boxers invade Belgrade

Boxing Canadia's Team in Belgrade: bybrian zelley

The Boxing Canada's senior elite boxers have arrived in Belgrade for 
an International tournament.

Boxers on the team:

Francois Pratte, David Gauthier, Lucas Bahdi,
Arthur Biyarslanov, Custio Clayton, Clovis Drolet,
Richard MacDonald, Samir El Mais and 
Paul Rasmussen.

Daniel Trepanier and Mike Collins.

Action: April 25 to 27th., 2014

2014 Glasgow  Commonwealth Game

*beyond this Internationl tournament, there is
the 2014 Commonwealth Game in several months.
Who will go from the A Team and/or 2014
National champions is a guess at this stage, but
it is likely the Commonwealth Team will include
some of the above listed boxers with the one with the
highest International profile being Custio Clay.ton.

Now, there is some unfinished business
 from 2012Olympics i.e.
Clayton vs Freddy Evans from Wales.

However, there are no guarantees that they 
will both bein Glagow, and in the same weight 
division. Also,if Evans and Clayton are both 
there and in the same division, one could be
eliminated before a possible match-up.

Day One  Belgrade
- Five of six bouts in the win column
Francois Pratte begins the battle for the victory.

Day Two: Two To Compete for Gold:
Francois Pratte and Lucas Bahdi.

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