Tuesday, April 8, 2014

| The Ryan Rozicki boxing mission

Fighting for Rio: Former street brawler Rozicki eyes 2016 Olympics | The Chronicle Herald
The story from "The Chronic Herald" 
gives us a quick look at where he started and his desire and mission into the unknown as the days fade away towards Rio in 2016.

A Look at the Rozicki story and the possibilities:
*by Brian Zelley

* There are no guarantees to the end game in 2016, just hope  and possibilities.  But through
the right process the road to Rio

 can be a reality and not just a dream, a hope,
and a desire for the heavyweight boxer called 
 Ryan Rozicki  of Boxing Nova Scotia, but
 the Sidney boxing club, Boxing Canada 
and the A-Team.

From reviewing the background, Ryan and his coach should think about an old boxing champion named
Willie Pastrano not only helped him become 

a world champion, but also helped his friend
Cassius Clay, better known as Muhammad Ali.+

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