Tuesday, April 2, 2013


OFFICIAL BOXING CLUBS of BC: by brian zelley

Recently received a request for a list of boxing clubs registered with
Boxing BC, considered the provincial association of Boxing Canada.

The following are the club names, the town and the listed
contact person that may or may not include the head coach.

History of the Clubs:
*  The amateur boxing clubs of British Columbia are comprised of some with a short 
history, some with a long history and some that have been past clubs that have made
a return to activity.  For instance, the Cranbrook Eagles Boxing Club and the 
Nanaimo Boxing club are two with extended histories, and the Genesis club 
in Parksville started several years ago but have performed well in the few years
that it has been active.

Many of the clubs have coaches with extended backgrounds such as Bob Pegues
of the Inner City Club was a boxer that belonged to the Nanaimo Boxing Club
in the early Seventies when it first started in 1971 which is now coached for a
number of years by Barry Creswell who was a club mate of Bob.  Scotty Jacson
is remembered for his boxing days from decades ago, and Graham McIntosh
of the Thistletown Boxing Club in Kelowna is a former Canadian champion.
Each club, the boxers and coaches have a story that is ongoing such as 
current Canadian champion Kenny Lally of the Inner City Club of Prince George.

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