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Billy Townsend - Boxer

The Billy Townsend boxing story: by Brian Zelley

Billy Townsend was born in England
but called Nanaimo, BC, Candada home.
Billy would begin as an amateur and win
a number of titles before turning pro on
August 20, 1926.  His pro boxing 
journey would end years later in his
final bout against Sammy Luftspring.

*In the early years, he would fight
many bouts in the Pacific Northwest
with some of the opponents being
Ritchie Kink, Johnny Woods, 
Leo (Kid) Roy, Tommy Fielding,
Leslie (Wildcat) Carter,
Doc Snell and the great Todd Morgan.

* Along the way he would win the 
Canadian lightweight title with a 
victory over AL FOREMAN in 1929.
* Billy would then fight in numerous location such as Los Angeles, Toronto,
New York and Detroit, but would also appear on Vancouver Island with bouts
in Victoria, 70 miles from his old home base of Nanaimo. 

During these years, Billy would fight some world ranked boxers
and one time champions such as Benny Leonard and Tony Canzoneri.
He would also face that great "uncrowned champion" Billy Petrolle.
At the end of the journey, Townsend would have about 110 pro fights.

Billy Townsend - Boxer

William Townsend, BC Sports Hall of Fame:

* In the year 1966, Billy Townsend would be inducted into
the British Columbia Sports Hall of Fame.  As of 2013,
Billy is only one of seven boxing folk that have been inducted.
British Columbia Amateur Boxing Association:
In the sixties and for many years, Billy Townsend
would be recognized at the annual golden gloves.
For instance, in 1967 in the centennial golden gloves
tournament, Billy was introduced before the 
featherweight final between Brian Zelley and Wayne Boyce.
BC would also have the annual "Billy Townsend Award".

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