Monday, April 15, 2013

Brandon Brewer : Boxer

Brandon Brewer : Boxer


By Brian Zelley

(photo credit for Brandon:
- original photo: Tanya Everett)

* As we review the story of 
Canadian professional boxers in 
the years of 2013, one that has
 promise in New Brunswick
middleweight boxer Brandon Brewer. 

The pro boxing story id Brandon begins
 in 2010.  And, by March 2013 he has earned
six victories and one draw.  Of those six wins, 
three are by KO and three by a unanimous decision.  

Brewer's road ahead:

For any boxer, the future results are a big unknown, and part of
the process is to prepare and improve in the gym to expand
the skills level with variety and depth.  One of Brandon's
recent training strategies as been to  spar with Canadian
National amateur boxing champion Brody Blair which in
with a spirit of co-operation will be beneficial to both.

But, beyond the gym work, Brandon wants to be an active
fighter and is expecting a monthly bout between
May and July 2013.  Assisting him is trainer Aubrey McLeod.

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