Friday, April 26, 2013


BOXING ILLUSTRATED: by brian zelley

December 1966 Review:

This issue of BI was packed
with a cross section of 
current news and flashbacks.

Some of the flashbacks were
stories on:
Primo Carnera, Billy Soose, and 
 Eddie "Cannonball" Martin. 

Some of the 1966 fights covered:
* Floyd Patterson vs Henry Cooper
* Joe Frazier vs Oscar Bonavena
* Howard Winstone vs Jan DeKeers
* Jimmy Ellis vs Billy Daniels
* Johnny Brooks vs Ernie Lopez
* Armando Ramos vs V. Salazar
* Joe Clark vs Ralph Dupas

Other articles covered such boxers
as Pete DeRuzza, Joe DeNucci and much more including a column by
former middleweight champion Terry Downes and "Trade Talk".
Terry mentioned British boxer Mark Rowe, Alan Rudkin, Frankie Taylor
and others.   

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