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Boxing Illustrated, january 1975

"BOXING ILLUSTRATED": review by Zelley

*When I look back at the magazine, I rember my contribtion
to the magazine in the "reader's rights" section on a page 
of which I spoke about Gene Tunney and also 
requested more on Jose Napoles.
And this is what the editor said:
"Brian, you are probably right about Gene Tunney...
Have no fear about feature stories on Jose Napoles
in future issues...he's a super welterweight 
champion and has the kind of charisma that 
just naturally makes great stories.

Hurricane Carter story: 

The most important story in that issue of BI was the one about Carter

The title of the story was:
"Hurrican Carter Once Had world In His Hand,
Fights To Touch It Again" - by Jack Welsh, editor-in-chief

Beyond Carter, there weresome other stories including one on Tony Licata
and Alvaro Lopez.  Fight results included Ben Villaflor's title victory,
Bobby Chacon vs Alfredo Marcano, then the Canadians
Donato Paduano vs Jean-Claude LeClair
and there were 15,200 fans watching that fight in Montreal.
For Pacific northwest fans they may not have seen it live but they 
were following the Marvin Hagler vs Sugar Ray Seales fight in Boston.
and back in New York a young Eddie Gregory and
 Eugene "Cyclone" Hart were in action.

A special feature was all about Sandy Saddler
the title of the Lew Eskin's story said it all
"Sandy Saddler A Street Fighter
In Ring Yet A mild Man On the Street"

Special section: "For The Cause of Women Boxers"
including Barbara Buttrick and joan Hagen.
Highlighted in the "Greatness file" was 
Harry Jeffra
(another great Italian-American fighter)
he fought the likes of Sixto Escobar,
Joey Archibald and Chalky Wright.

Special thanks to the crew at Boxing Illustrated and all the journalists
Jack Welsh, Lew Eskin, Ramon Gonzales, John Williams,
Art Taylor,  Eddie Coo. and many others.

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