Friday, April 26, 2013


"Boxing Illustrated",  December 1963 review: By Brian Zelley

* the cover story of this issue of
"Boxing Illustrated" was  the
Liston vs Patterson fight which
took longer to read than the fight
lasted.  At the time Charles Liston
was a top level fighter.  Floyd
was a great person.

* Beyond the main event, there
were some good articles in this
issue of the magazine and would 
include various fights:
Fights covered In "Rings Around The World:
Eddie Perkins vs D. Loi, Eder Jofre vs Joe Medel,
Brian Curvis vs Ralph Dupas, Willie Pastrano vs
Rudolfo Diaz, and Swift vs Leahy. 

* For active boxers, one of the interesting stories
was called "Big Night For the Ripper" 
The lead into the story about Garland "Rip" Randall
was: "Young Garland"Ripper" Randall scores a major
win and becomes a serious threat  for welterweight
champion Emile Griffith"

Other stories of interest:
* They still love Sugar in England
* John Gutenko - Alias Kid Williams
*  Archie Moore's Training Headquarters
* A case Against a Junior Middleweight Division  

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