Sunday, April 28, 2013

YVON DURELLE, champion

YVON DURELLE, the story

* the above link touches on the life
and times of a Canadian legend by
the name of Yvon Durelle aka
"The Fighting Fisherman" and his
great wife Theresa.  We are forever
pleased with the decision to have
a special site for two special Canadians.

The biography of Durelle:
* In 1981, New Brunswick author
Raymond Fraser wrote the book
called " The Fighting Fisherman "  and 
included a record of his professional bouts
between 1947 and 1963.  Included in that list
were some notable bouts including the world
light-heavyweight title fight with Archie Moore.

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  1. Here's a link to my site with some info on my book, "THE FIGHTING FISHERMAN: The Life of Yvon Durelle". There's a photo of Yvon and myself taken at the time I was writing it.